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Custom Storage Boxes

Ever wanted more storage space, without losing the cargo room?
Well, I think I have found the solution. Custom made storage boxes.

Things you will need:
1/2" plywood - 1 sheet
2) Nails or screws (your preference)
3) Two (2) sets of metal hinges (come in packs of 2)
4) Two (2) clasps (to hold the door closed)
5) 6 to 8 Metal Screws (for mounting)
6) One piece of cardboard
7) Sand paper
8) Paint to match

boxesOther items:
Circular Saw
2) Jig Saw
3) Drill
4) Tape measure
5) Protractor
6) Pencil










First, click here to download specs.

Start with the front of the box by measuring the bottom length. Next the left side at a 70° angle, and so on. Once the measurements have been drawn on your plywood, cut it out using a circular saw. Next measure the distance for the door and cut it out. Now you have the three pieces for the front.

On to the back of the box. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it to match the curve of the wheel well. It make take a couple of tries to get it right. Once the proper curve has been achieved, transfer the curve to your plywood and the other specs. Set all of your other measurements and cut it out. You will need the jigsaw for the curve portion, but a circular saw can be used for the rest.

Next you need to create the two panels that make up the middle. Following the measurements, cut the two panels. You will need the make a 70° angle cut on the ends, so the wood butts-up at the back.

At this point, if you want a shelf, you should make those cuts as well. I added one shelf that was 8.5" wide by approx. 18" long. Depending on how far up or down, you want to put your shelf will effect the length.

Now that all of the panels have been cut, it's time to sand. I gave mine a good sanding because the circular saw can tear-up plywood pretty good.

Now you can put it together. By using nails or screws (your preference) begin by taking your middle panels and attaching them the the back panel. I left a 1/4" from the top, so it creates a lip. You may decide to have it flat. The back middle panel needs to line up on the bottom corner. If you decide to make it flush, then you will need a third middle panel (2" long) to go at the bottom of the back. Look at the specs, and you'll see what I am talking about. Next attach the shelf at the height you wish. This will give some extra support for the front panels. Now attach the front panels making sure to leave enough room for the door.

If you have back speakers for your stereo, you will need to use your jigsaw to cut holes in the top middle panel. Take out your speaker and measure before making your cut. I made my cut in the far back corner. You can, of course, move the hole to wherever you wish.

I recommend painting at this point. Once painted, attach the door with your hinges and clasps.

Installation begins with the removal of the cardboard covering that covers the wheel well. Take the box and put it into position. It should pop right in, depending on the thickness for your carpet. Once in place, take your drill and a small bit and drill through the wood and into the little metal flap that once held the cardboard covering. This way your metal screw will line up perfectly. I used three points to hold it in place. The front, right beside the back seat, the top middle and the bottom back.

For the other side, follow the same proceedure. Only when putting it together, flip the front and back panel.


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