Tech Tips

Exhaust Gasket Replacement

Tools needed:

  • 9/16" regular socket
  • 9/16" deep socket
  • 1/2" regular socket
  • screwdriver flat blade

Remove the intake plumbing, battery and the hose to the AIR tubes loosen and remove all exhaust manifold bolts (the inner two are 9/16" , rest are 1/2"). The last two by the firewall are best done from below (slide your hand between the frame and fender inner wall while lying on your back) from underneath remove the 2 bolts holding the manifold to the exhaust system at the donut / flange (deep 9/16" socket).

Now you should be able to shake and loosen the manifold from above (take care not to hit any spark plugs). Carefully remove the burnt out gasket pieces. There should be a 1/2" gap between the mating surfaces - the new gasket comes as a one piece affair. Break it into 3 pieces, the rectangular one for the middle and the dogleg shaped ones for the ends hang them on the two bolts at each leg of the manifold and (this may take a few tries).

Raise and fit the manifold such that you are able to screw in at least one bolt on each leg by hand remember to face the metal side out to the manifold and the fiber side to the head.Gradually tighten, working outward to in. Tighten the bolts at the donut flange.

Replace air tube and tighten clamp screw. Replace aircleaner and connect intake hose. Test drive and retighten after a day or two.

Hari Rajagopal