Tech Tips

Trimming the Rear Fenders

For those off-roaders, trimming the rear fenders for articulation and larger tires is a must. I run 33's on 10" rims and only a 4" lift, so trimming was a necessity. I had a local body shop do this, but after it was done I realized "I could have done that".

1. Trimming

How much to trim is up to you and what size tires, lift, etc. I took a total of 2" off, but technically it was only 1" of metal.

Draw a line with chalk of where you want the new height to be. Approximately 1 inch below that draw a second line. The second line will be your "cut" line and the higher line will be the "bend" line.

Cut out alone the "cut" line.

2. Bending Back

Cut vertical slits every so 2 inches up to your "bend" line all around the fender. Bend back each square so that it is perpendicular to the outside fender. You may need to pound the corner to get it perfectly flat. (Again, a body shop did this for me so I am speculating).

Once all flaps have been bent back, you will need to reattach the inside fender well. You could do this with a weld, or like mine ... caulk. The body shop caulked the inside with a rubber, silicon based caulk that hardened like new.

To cover the vertical slits I used body tape. You could also cover with a rubber fender flare. But this will do for me right now.

Toby DeMoss