Tech Tips

Grille Conversion

Anyone interested in converting to an early round headlight grille from the more recent ones here are the steps - it's not quite a bolt-on job. Ethan gave me a strange look when I told him I was doing this conversion. The consensus appears to be that the grill I had was considered to be the best. Personally I really like the older style.

You will need... grille, headlight surrounds and headlight with complete bucket from the older vehicle. Also the extra piece which attaches to the hood to create the "snout". About $35 total from Pullnsave.

1) remove old grill and headlights
2) grind off the 3 lower brackets that mount the normal grille about 1-2 inches away from the lower panel
3) remount the transmission cooler on its own brackets, but BEHIND the bracket instead of in front. There is still clearance with the radiator... hopefully no cooling problems created by this move.
4) Attach the new grill at the top with the bolts and make holes for self-tappers on the lower panel
5) Attach the headlight bucket by the lower outside bolt.
6) The Upper outside bucket bolt hole just about overlaps the frame. Drill the frame and attach
7) Use a bit of sheet metal ( old license plate worked fine ) to create a bracket attaching to the bucket by the two inside bolt holes and then bolt the bracket though the original mounting holes used by the rectangular headlights.
8) Then the only really visibly destructive step that can't be easily reversed. Drill two 1/2 inch holes in the hood to accept the "snout" bar and attach it.

That's about it. I need to move my snout bar up about 1/4 inch but apart from that I like it.