Tech Tips

Cardboard Glove Box Replacement
Duplicating the cardboard glovebox to aluminum

It's a piece of cake to duplicate the cardboard glovebox in aluminum flashing (the sheetmetal roofers use, available in several widths at most hardware stores).

  • Remove the cardboard box and unfold it flat, then copy it on the aluminum, leaving enough overlap at the edges to pop-rivet it together.
  • Fold the aluminum using scraps of 1x2 to square the edges (it folds very easily) making it a wee bit smaller so it will fit in from the front. Might have to trim a little from the front edge.
  • Before riveting, unbend it and cover the inside with some stick on felt from a craft store and wrap it over the sharp front edge.
  • Rivet it together (put the long end of the rivets toward the inside) and use sheetmetal screws up/down into the original dash flange from the inside.
  • Now you have a last-forever metal glovebox that goes in and out in a flash.

Cost: Maybe $5 and an afternoon if you already have some of the stuff laying around.

Art (Packrat)