Tech Tips

Wire Splicing Technique

When I splice wires which are that important I use an old military techinque:

  • Make a clean cut of each wire end.
  • Strip back about 1/2" of insulation on each side.
  • Slide an oversize size shrink tube on onte of the wires and out if harm's way.
  • Do the same for the other side but use larger shrink tube.
  • Fray the ends of the wires slightly.
  • Mate the frayed ends together, interlocking them.
  • Solder the frayed ends together (remember, heat the wire, let the wire melt the solder).
  • Slice the smaller of the shrink tube over the soldered joint.
  • Heat the shrink tube to isulate the solder joint.
  • Repeat using the larger shrink tube.

This makes a good mechanical and electrical connection. It can be a bit tricky not to make the solder joint too big, and not to ruin the existing wire insulation.