Upcoming Events

Meeting in Colorado Springs

Toby - 87 GW "Rocky"

Michael - 86 GW "Troubled Child"

Charlie - 89 GW
Ethan - 83 Wag Ltd."Mud Puppy"

Adam - 83 Wagoneer Ltd.

Wolf - with pics of his Jeep.

Michael and Ethan listen to the conversation while Susan sits and wonders why she is here.

E.S., Wolf, and Adam watch the video from Moab.

What a beautiful day to meet and talk Jeep. The meeting in the Springs was an enjoyable event with good conversation and a good time for all.

As with most of our events, it did not start well for some of the members. Ethan who had been experimenting with different carburetors fell on bad luck.

On the drive down the carb decided to let go, but luckily Michael had not left yet and was there to help. After putting on his old carb, they were off with no futher incidents.

Meanwhile Toby, Roy, Charlie, his son and Dave were playing with Roy's "toys", a beautiful Mustang and his Army Jeep. As Roy was scaring Dave on his 4x4 trail, Ethan, Michael, Wolf and Adam showed up. Now the serious Jeep talk could begin.

Everyone ohh'ed and ahh'ed over Charlie's Jeep. We were all amazed at how good of condition it was in. Charlie definately wins the cleanliness award.

After talking awhile it was time to fire-up the grill. Good food and conversation were par for the rest of the evening.
We all want to thank Roy for having us down for a great meeting in Colorado Springs.