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Georgia Pass 2000

Guys what a time we had this weekend on Georgia Pass.

It was just Toby, his wife and me and my family, including the dog. The trail is great!

Easy up to Glacier Peak, great views, even had the kids going, "Wow it's REALLY deep down there.". Glacier Peak was a great place for lunch and let the kids and dog run round. Sammy (the dog) even helped Toby fix some linkage that lost a clip.

Then we started down the north side of the trail, somewhat steep and lots of rocks. There was a tons of turnouts along the way, but we didn't explore any at first. The storm clouds were moving in and wanted to get a camp site setup BEFORE the rain. We stopped and took lots of pics, hopefully we captured some great articulation. There was plenty.

Even though it was moderate you had watch what you where doing, the wrong line could lead to trouble. But, Tantor did great with the stock suspension. It really amazing what this "cars" will do. We found several places where we could get a wheel up in the air, fun stuff.

Then a herd of rental vehicles came by, we pulled off the trail for those going up. What a fantastic campground we found. It had room for several more vehicles as we found out, as folks kept trying to make it their home. Sammy was great at scaring them off, even though he's really very laid back. Camp set up quick and the rains looked like they would go away. Time for a walk, what else do 2 and 4 year olds what to do?

Toby and I went up one of the turnouts. Too cool!! It was almost too narrow for the Wagoneers, very rocky, steep and had some places that looked like they could get at least the pumpkins, maybe more. So back down to get Tantor, with Rocky having a weak link at the front axle it wasn't worth risking it and back up we went. This was the highlight for me. I got to test all the things I had been practicing, where are your tires, get to where you can't see, steps of loose rock, etc. It lead back into a dead end with just enough room to turn around. We got some funny looks from some guys on those 4 wheeled motorcycles.

A nice cool day overall, with an even cooler evening. The bad part was Toby seems to have caught the grunge and was starting to lose color by late afternoon.

The trip down Sunday was fun and easy. Can't wait to get back up there to start checking out some of the turnouts. There was one where a guy with a Cherokee headed up and came back out before we had started up again, said it got narrow and needed clearance. He had at least a 3 inch lift and 33's on... HMMM wonder what he really saw...

Kevin Smith