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Jenny Creek, 2002

What a nice turn out and what a nice day... except for the wind. After meeting at the gas station in Golden promptly at 9:00 (that was a first) we headed off towards Rollinsville and the trail head. Nate lead the way followed by Mark Welle, Mark Sr., myself, Jerry Lee, Dan and Ray.

About half way up Rollins Pass, Nate lead us down a VERY narrow trail thinking that it was the start of Jenny Creek. It wasn't. After hitting a dead end, and turning around in very tight trees, Ray got us heading in the right direction.

Jenny Creek starts off with a very easy climb to the first and only obstacle on the trail "the bridge". This area has a broken bridge with a sharp left-hand climb out of the creek bed. There are "technically" two ways to cross the creek, the left which takes you around the bridge, or over the bridge. Nate however picked the another way... down the right and across.

After climbing out of the creek area, the trail meanders through the trees, follows the creek and finally climbs up to Yankee Doodle Lake. We stopped for lunch in a nice open area just before the lake.

Over all it was a fun little trip, even though Nate got bored. I thought it was very easy, but a good trail for a beginner to get their feet wet on "difficult rated" trail.

Toby DeMoss