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Spring Creek, 2002

I had promised my Dad a trail ride, at least once, before the onset of winter, and thought that Spring Creek would be a close, fun trail for a nice day ride. Although no others from the CFSJA were able to make this run, I decided that, surely, we would meet others on the trail.

Sure enough, after about a mile of narrow shelf road, we came upon two 'little' Jeeps acting as speed bumps in the trail. They were stopped before one of the obstacles in the trail, presumably to study the possible lines. After greetings, it turns out the guy in the CJ-7 had already made an attempt to the right side - done some three wheelin - and had scared himself so bad, his legs were shaking. It took about 30 minutes of convincing him (and telling him I wasn't about to back up a mile on shelf road so he could turn around) that he indeed could make it over. Finally he worked up the courage, and easily made it over.

The two little Jeeps pulled over and let me by, and ended up sticking to me like glue the rest of the day. Turned out to be really nice people, other than their pick of Jeeps, and we had a very enjoyable, challenging run through the snow covered boulder field, and on up to the top.

Nate Marsh