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Guanella Pass, 2004

Guanella Pass is one of the most well-known scenic bypases in Colorado. It's close to Denver and crosses over from Grant on 285 to Georgetown on I-70. Since I moved up here in 1993, the pass was mostly unpaved, making things interesting, but not impassable for the average passenger car. A number of years, CFSJA has done some kind of fall run and as it turns out, this year was the last year before Guanella Pass was paved, the end of an era I suppose. With us on the trail was Lee and Debbie, a couple friends of theirs (in a CJ), Ethan and Susan, Mark, Michael, Rick (Chevy p/u) and Jerry, and a couple in a blazer whose names escape me (sorry!).

Meeting in Georgetown

FSJs all in a line

Jerry in his Grand Wagoneer

Mark in his late-model Grand Wagoneer

Ethan in SlushPuppy

Obligatory lunch picture