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Chinaman Gulch

June 19, 2005

More photos

The CFSJA crew decided to give Chinaman Gulch a whirl on June 19, 2005. Joining the fun was Fred, Adam & dad Mike (wow, we haven't seen them on the trail in awhile), Michael, Lee & Debbie, Shane (FS Bronco), Jason (CJ), Randy (Commando), and I can't remember the guy's name in the YJ. There was another fellow from the Pueblo contingent in a dark blue CJ and I can't remember his name, either.

We had a lot of fun at whale rock, getting lots of flex, and covering all the lines. The steepest, leftmost line pretzled Shane's steering linkage so we stopped for lunch. Most of it was a good challenge.

At Double Whammy, Adam showed us his finesse as he walked up, no problem. I ran the bypass after a couple tries on DW. Some folks made it up no problem, others took the bypass. Randy broke a main leaf.

Some of our crew were getting eager to get out of the difficult stuff and I rode with them back down making sure that Randy would be ok, first. We waited at the bottom and hydrated and finally Shane and Fred came back. In all, a good day, although Chinaman showed us what we were made of, but we all showed it we could get back off the trail again, even if not always in one piece.

Fred at Whale Rock taking the center line

Taking the rightmost line

Adam climbs up

Fred advises Lee

Center line in the YJ

Lee and Debbie negotiate the right line

Michael gets TC twisted up on the center

Jason gives it a go

Randy catches air

Shane gives the hard line a try

The hard line doesn't work so well..

Adam walks up Double Whammy

Commando carnage