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Moab, 2005

Epic adventure, carnage, breakdowns, and amazing wheeling and scenery were the name of the game as several of the CFSJA'ers headed out to Moab at the end of March and beginning of April for a weekend of slickrock. In attendance: Scott in his J20 with 35's and 6" lift, Nate in his Wagoneer shod with 40" tires, Michael in TC, Matt in his late GW with 35's, and Flint in his GW Wally with 32's.

The story is a long one, but here's the summary. We got into town on Thursday afternoon, ran Fins-n-Things only to uncover various problems then and in ensuing days that woul dultimately leave the J20 stranded in Moab.

On Friday, TC broke off a spring mount from the frame on Fins-n-Things and Porcupine Rim, gained some rather nasty dents and dings (TC blames Michael, the driver) on Saturday, but otherwise survived. Matt was unfortunately struggling with Edelbrock Performer carb problems at various times.

On Saturday, we ended up getting a late start onto Poison Spider due to my frame repair, and this turned into a night run by the time we hit Golden Crack. We'd dove in to help Matt out with some u-joint issues earlier in the day but it had been uneventful.

The rest of the night involved dents (mostly TC), straps up obstacles, losing a bead on a tire during a winching operation on Matt's rig, and lots and lots and lots of fumbling around on the trail, trying to find where to go, getting lost for an hour trying to find the last major obstacle on Gold Bar Rim, and finally getting onto pavement by about 4:00am. I forgot to bring my camera on that trail so no fun shots. We headed back for Colorado on Sunday.

Lined up for Fins'n'Things

Nate on Fins'n'Things

Flint descends on Fins'n'Things

Scott and the gang work on motor mounts

Nate descends another part of Fins'n'Things the next day

Michael tackles the descent

Flint on Porcupine Rim

TC's carnage

Trail repair

Nate heads up a switchback leaving Porcupine Rim

All done with the Rim