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Slaughterhouse Gulch

May 26, 2005

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Michael joined up with folks from Colorado4x4.org to do some early-season, weekday wheeling on Slaughterhouse Gulch, on May 26, 2005.

Meeting in Morrison

I went with some good folks from Colorado4x4.org out to Slaughterhouse which is north of Bailey off 285. It's a loop trail through classic Colorado forest. The weather was beautiful, a few clouds, and 70's.

The extreme rig of the trip was Wyllys' Taco with like 20" of lift and 40's, coilovers, and multi-link suspension, fresh from the shop. It was truly sick. We got off to a bad start. Climbing up a series of moguls, the Taco stopped in front of me... then I see Wyllys diving out and the Taco rolling backwards... time slows down... I figure I'll let off the brake and absorb the impact and slow him down. Wham. Next thing I know I have a Taco resting on my hood ornament. Ow. I guess the dog knocked it out of gear. Bad dog. The Killer32 bumper just earned it's keep. Instead of having to pick Japanese steel out of my grille and radiator, the truck bounced off the big tube hoop and up onto my hood, something I can easily fix.. The Taco bed was hashed, however. By the way, did I mention that I need a new hood? White with GW hood ornament preferred. :)

Trail repair of my mangled hood

Fortunately the rest of the trip was a blast with a few mildly off-camber spots and a few places where you get tipped towards the trees. There was a nice mud pit area and some areas with intense moguls requiring lockers or lots of flex.

Michael enters the mud pit

Climbing out in the YJ

Does that dog have a driver's license??

Quite a few stretches of nice happy easy dirt road. At the end is a mud pit area and some big ravines to play with, but they were empty of water. All told we had a YJ, two TJ's, the Taco and me. The baby Jeeps all had 33's and a couple of 'em were open. We all did pretty good. TC flexed out great, no problems. In all, a nice laid back trail, no stress.