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Toys 4 Tots 2005

We had a good turnout at the annual US Marines Toys for Tots drive. A bunch of four-wheelers get together to collect toys and parade in. They meet in a few places around town and then caravan in and meet up at one spot. CFSJA was well-represented by Jason in his J10, Patrick "Guns" in his J-truck with the wild wood camper, Nate in his Ultimate Adventure Wagoneer, and Michael in his Grand Wagoneer.

The toy run was a great sucess! While we may not have had the FSJ parade we hoped for, the turnout was more than the Marines had expected. Due to some unfortunate weather, I was unable to meet Bullfrog on time...Colorado drivers really don't know how to drive in snow, 6 accidents between Cheyenne and the big D.

I wound up being almost an hour late, and Bullfrog had prior commitments..Jason showed up in BRUTUS his 74 J-10 and Michael in his white warrior Wagoneer. Great prizes were raffled off and no, the Off Road Jeep didn't get to come north with me... I couldn't even win the 12,500 lb winch...Maybe next year. If we plan for next year now maybe we can have a FSJ caravan!

We did manage to park the 3 of our vehicles together. There was a pretty clean 88, charcoal gray Wagoneer for sale. And Nate showed up with his slightly deformed ULTIMATE ADVENTURE Wagoneer. Thanks Nate for representing the FSJ's

While I was waiting for everyone to show up, I spoke with the Marines and Thanked them for their service. I let them know how much I as a veteran appreciated their sacrifices. They thanked me, and you could see it in their eyes, they were moved by the jesture. They told me they had already filled 4 trucks by the time I had gotten there.

The rigs were out in force and I'll bet there were 3-400 vehicles that came through. Only about half stayed. The line of 4x4's was bent clear around the parking lot several times. Time to start planning for next years run...Maybe we could start our own????

Merry Christmas to all.



Getting ready to caravan out

Wished I could get that on a trail!

Had about as many Pinzie's show up as FSJs.


CFSJA contingent (l to r) Patrick (Guns), Jason, Michael

Santa and Marines, too cool.