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Southern Meet & Greet, May 13, 2006

After our light turnout at Bruce's in Severance, we figured we were due for a southern meet & greet so we set one up for May 13, 2006 at the Castle Rock outlet malls. Turnout was great, probably the best we've seen in years, with more than 10 rigs!

Among the attendees were Ron in his recently aquired 80's Wagoneer. Looking for parts members pretty much jump over each other to offer him help to get his rig running in top shape and give it a makeover, but as we kept telling him, every FSJ is beautiful. Can't wait to see his on the trails.

Ray's 80 WT Cherokee
Bullfrog's Mustang
Ron's 80's Wagoneer

We also had a rare visit from Paul in his crowd-pleasing M715 with the custom flatbed. Scott drove in with his 74 Wagoneer, which later in the summer he lifted 4" and shod with 34" Super Swampers.

Bullfrog attended, but in his beautiful classic Mustang. We helped him fix some radiator leaking / overheating issues before he roared off.

Ethan made the drive down from Ft. Collins in his 88 GW. Larry was there in his pristine Grand Wagoneer and generously gave away lots of parts. Michael was there in his 86 GW and Kenny also made it down in his shiny, early 70's Wagoneer.

The longest trip award goes to Alan and Pam who drove in from Nebraska! (But not just for us...) Always good to see old faces... and to meet the many new ones. We had a few other short visitors whose names I didn't catch. And I think we drew a few stares. How often do you see that many classic FSJs together at once outside of a junkyard?

We spent our good time looking over rigs and jawing, and eventually headed into the food court for grub and more chit chat, then back out. Weather was gorgeous, but eventually we all had to head our separate ways.

L to R, Michael, Ethan, Larry
Paul (L) and Kenny (R)