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Northern Meet & Greet 2006

On February 18, 2006, the gang had plans to meet up north at Bruce's Bar in Severance for some lunch and tire kicking. Little did we know that an arctic cold front would move down across Colorado in the days preceding and leaving the front range dusted with about 3-6" of snow. By the time we got to the meet, temps were at least in the single digits with plenty of snow left on the ground.

In attendance was Ken in his 1974 Wagoneer, Ken's buddy Steve with a Land Rover, Jason, in his 1974 J10, Michael in his 1986 Grand Wagoneer, Tim (whose J10 is in progress) and buddy Kyle, and Ethan and Susan in their 1988 Grand Wagoneer.

We spent a laid back few hours jawing about Jeeps, munching on burgers, pie, and chili (and RMO's for some). Then we braved the cold again for a photo shoot and called it a day.