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Cheyenne Meet & Greet, 2006

On June 24th I decided to put up a Meet'N'Greet in Wyoming. The first ever out of Colorado. So is the word. In thoughts that I'd meet great full size jeep enthusiasts. My wife and I were excited to show off our Jeeps. Man did we ever meet three jeep lovers and some really nice folks to talk jeeps to.

So the wife and I got there first. Sitting in my wife's 1991 Grand Wagoneer waiting for someone to show. All of the sudden I hear this monster of a truck (jeep truck) blasting in the parking lot. (scared the crap out of my wife). There is BRUTUS a 1974 J 10. Jason Habrock jump out. So Jason and Rene (my wife) and I jawed about jeeps for a better part of an hour.

As we talked I asked Jason if he knew if anybody else was going to show. He said that Ken Hanawalt said he was going to show. Jason described Ken's orange jeep to me. Told some stories of Kens 1974 Wagoneer. As we chatted, out of the blue this train drove up. (really it was Ken in his Wag blowing his new horns). Ken and his wife got out and started to chat as we knew each other for ever. (only in a jeep family). Then Kirk Haines shows up. No jeep but it was nice to see that we can all talk of the Jeeps.

We made our way in the V.I. to get some lunch. We spent a couple of hours jawing about jeeps. Stories of trail runs, and not so good runs. Stories of Ken in a walmart bathroom. (something's better left untold). When Ken's wife looked out at the jeeps, to see if any more jeeps had showed, so she says. (I think she was admiring the four beauties.) When she noticed that one of the soldiers fall out of line. Jason forgot to put his jeep in gear and it roll back about 10 feet. There was a policeman there but thank god not about THE RUNAWAY JEEP. It was a good laugh. All in all it was a good time. Nice to chat with some Jeep lovers.

After lunch we convoyed to my house. We lost one of the line up.(sorry Kirk) Drank a beer and call it a day.

Oh and my 1979 Jeep wagoneer was there. So in showing was Jason 1974 J10, Ken in his 1974 Wagoneer, Rene (my wife) in her 1991 Grand Wagoneer, Kirk (no jeep this time), and Chuck (me) in my 1979 Wagoneer.