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Sevenmile Creek, May 20, 2006

Well, it was actually quite uneventful, which was remarkable enough.

I showed up @ 8:50 and NO ONE was there. Not an FSJ in sight. I did see some old customers of mine filling up @ the gas station, however. Then Jason showed up in Brutus. And soon after, Ken showed up in his (unnamed?) orange FSJ. Right after that, Ray rolled in with his black WT Cherokee. We headed out promptly at 9:20am. Ken took the lead, since he seemed to be the only one who had been on this trail before!

We passed Kelly Flats entrance and noticed a park ranger there. Rumor has it that the Mountaineers were doing trail opening cleanup on that trail. We got to Rustic and took the Boy Scout road exit and headed to the trail. Almost immediately, we found a stub trail that allowed some fun hill climbs near some mining claims. We headed back down to the main trail and continued on, crossing the stream several times. Our tires got wet, but no need for snorkels on this trail.

Ken had found another stub trail the previous week when he was up there on his motorcycle, so we headed up there. It reminded me of Heart Attack Hill on Kelly Flats. Lots of fun. A little bit of moguls mixed in with rocks. Everyone got good flex at this spot. At the end, we sat around and ate a bit.

Kenny's Wagoneer

Around 12:30, we headed down and encountered our only "problem" of the day. Ray's truck was having fuel issues and had trouble starting. Once we got it started, it ran fine the rest of the day. I resisted the urge to tell him to get fuel injected.

We bounced along the trail some more and hit some more water crossings. There was one spot off to the side of the trail that was a well used mudhole. Problem was, it was off to the SIDE and you had to swerve into the trees to get to it. I hit it at speed, and THEN realized that I was heading TOWARDS the trees. Not wanting to eat the tress, I stomped on the brakes and disaster (for the trees, I'm sure) was averted. :-)

We stopped once more for a "on the trail" photo op and got pix of all 4 trucks somewhere other than a parking lot or a gas station. Soon we hit graded roads again and it was back to Rustic for hte trip back down the Poudre.

All in all, it was a fantastic trail run. I think this is a good shakedown trail, just as good as Moody Hill and the bottom of Crystal Mountain. Total mileage from Ted's Place (at the bottom of the Poudre) was about 80 miles. A good way to see how your truck handles mountain roads as well as the trail. -Ethan

I just thought I would give everyone an update on the Seven Mile trail run today. Ken (74 wag), Ethan (67 M715) and Ray (?? Chero) and myself (74 J10) represented all classes of FSJ on the trail. What a lot of fun. I got to test out my hand throttle... AWESOME!!! I broke the linkage at the carb about halfway up but no worries. I will have to make a bracket this week because I had about a 12 ga wire with ring connectors on each end that broke.

I have some awesome video and snaps, Ethan got some snaps, Ken got some snaps, and Ray got some video of us sittin' around on lunch break. I will get mine posted sometime tomorrow. I have to get going to the rockies game now.

Now I REALLY have the itch. I think I am going to purchase that M715 up here and put my axles/tires under it and leave Brutus where he sits right now. We will see. -Jason

More pictures and video from Jason