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Toys for Tots, 2006

We had another good turnout at the annual US Marines Toys for Tots drive. A bunch of four-wheelers get together to collect toys and parade in. They meet in a few places around town and then caravan in and meet up at one spot. CFSJA was well-represented by Patrick "Guns" in his J-truck with the wild wood camper, Michael in his 1986 GW, Scott in his 1974 Wagoneer, Clyde in his J20 wrecker, and others whose names I either don't know or accidentaly forgot (sorry!)

The Whole CFSJA Lineup

Courtney's GW rides on 35" MTRs

Michael's 86 GW (near twins)

Pat's J20

This M715 was converted to diesel according to
my ears and nose... so sorry I forgot the fella's name.

Scott's 1974 Wagoneer on 34's

Clyde's rare J20 Wrecker