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Village Inn Meet & Greet 2006

On November 4, 2006, the group met at Village Inn. Karen came down to collect body parts (from an FSJ -- Halloween was already over by then).

We had a great showing at our Meet n Greet today! Of course, Karen was there to get her crash parts. (ya advertise Jeep parts and you never know who's gonna show up!) Colt was there to deliver some of her crash parts also, and to take some other parts for Mark. Matt and Emma showed up. Emma ensured that at least someone there was cute and good looking! I met Jay for the first time, after seeing his posts for "years" on the list. I also met Jim for the first time.

We stood around and did the obligatory oggling of Jeeps. Once the rain threatened, we headed in for grub. Good food and good conversation ensued. It was nice to meet the new friends and catch up with the old friends. We left around 2pm to get Karen home at a reasonable hour. I wandered up to 4Wheel Parts up on Federal, north of Rocky's Auto. (I waved to Audra as I drove by!) Then I went over to Jay's place and got to see his "yard o' Jeep parts". You know you're dedicated when it's no question that you'll have to replace your garage door with a taller one to get your Jeep inside. After that, I met Steve to pick up a rear quarter panel patch panel. That was the one on Craig's List. He's actually on the CFSJA list, too, so "Hi Steve!". Good thing I didn't say anything bad about him before! :)

After that, I headed home and wrapped up a good day of playing musical Jeep parts. :)

Since we've now had at least two MnG's there, I think that should be our official MnG location for Denver. It's just so easy to get to and most of us have been there before!

Now I just have to figure out if that Offy intake will work well with my TBI....