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Middle St. Vrain & Coney Flats

August 25, 2007

Had a great time Sat. Was just two rigs. In the rigs were Jason, his GF, me, my oldest son and our new puppy.

We ran Middle St. Vrain and came back down Coney Flats. I have to say these were some fun trails. A bit of the technical stuff on both trails and a couple of decent obstacles. I wasn't able to take any pics or videos but Jason did. Hopefully he will post with some details.

My new HEI ran perfect, BTW!! I had a little problem with the QT, couldnt get into low range so it made the first few obstacles very challenging. Once I fixed the linkage and got into low things got a little easier :)

I also busted a rear shock tab and lost the shock but other than that I didn't have any problems.

Jason had some trouble too but I'll let him explain :)

Scott R.

The usual trouble... alternator wasn't charging, electric fan ran down battery... electric fan wouldn't run when battery was empty, => overheated again! Overall it was a pretty fun outing.

The third time we stopped because of an overheating, we took the hood off, removed the thermostat, and topped it off with coolant and it was able to make it the rest of the way home just fine. I have my pics with me today and I will try to post them from work. No internet at home sux.