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Kennebec Pass

August, 2007

Well, the 4 Corners contingency at least. =8-) Kennebec Pass is at 11740 feet and only about 30 miles from us as a crow flies. It is about 45 by pavement. We met up with Ryan at the gas station in Hesperus on Hwy 160. Just a short hop over to the Kennebec Cafe and up to the treeline. This is pretty non technical and mostly for the incredible vistas. The top of the pass is a big notch in the top of a ridge where miners blasted through many years ago so they could dig on the other side. The trail on the other side is only lightly maintained to a private mine that is active. We did not go down the other side as we were not sure if there was a place to turn around if we had to. So, that will be another adventure later. The flowers on this trip blew away anything we saw in Ouray area last month.

We came back down to the intersection of Colorado Trail on the divide and took in a whole new look to us at the Lizardhead complex, Engineer Mtn and many others to the North. Had lunch here and headed back out. We left at 9 and got home at 4. Nice easy day trip. It could have got tough because there is the option to take on some muddy side trails. More on that when we venture there.


More pix here: http://jubileejeeps.org/fsjrides/07kennebec/index.htm