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Moab, Utah

April 20-22, 2007

The short version is, we all got there ok, one group had had a crazy time on Steel Bender, while Scott and I ran Fins 'n' Things in his rig (mine was not ready and left at home). Friday we ran Hell's Revenge which was a lot of fun.

But Saturday was a repeat of the epic day and night marathon wheeling nightmare we did in 2005. Only way worse.

On Saturday we ran the triumvirate trials of tribulation: Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim.

Technically we ran Gold Bar Rim early Sunday morning...

By the time we rolled off the trail at 4am Sunday, half our rigs were broken and barely limping off the trail. The drivers weren't doing a heck of a lot better. Since we started at 9am, that's a gruelling 18 hours of of slogging through some of the hardest obstacles Moab has to offer, patching together rigs as we went, and wandering around with flashlights trying to find the trail. So far, and hopefully forever, 18 hours will be our record for that trail.

Read all about the Mayhem below!


The trip out was mostly uneventful for us, at least. We ran into some icy conditions around near Eisenhower Tunnel. Unfortunately, someone in an SUV in the eastbound lane ended up losing control and rolling multiple times as Scott watched. We pulled over and I dialed 911 while he went to render aid. Thank God, they all appeared ok, and were walking. Whew. That is scary stuff. People forget that having 4wd isn't the same as being invincible. Scott and I took it slow through these icy patches. Both our vehicles did ok (the Element has on demand 4wd).

Last couple of times we came to Moab, Scott was thwarted by Fins and Things, our traditional shakedown trail. The first time out in the J20, all the problems started right at the beginning (the second time he was a passenger, like I am now). Not this time! The 74 Wagoneer did superbly. Here it is tackling that first obstacle.

We only did the first half, sure, but after navigating down the first very steep descent, he went back up onto this fin via the middle path, not an easy climb, but with the 34" Swamper LTB's and a rear mini-spool, it looked pretty easy (movie)

The other crew who were already here yesterday or earlier ran Steel Bender and I guess Jason had some problems and had to get towed back to town. :( The plan tomorrow is to run Hell's Revenge.

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