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Slaughterhouse Cleanup
Father's Day 2007

My sons and I attended this event. There were between 10 and 15 vehicles there. We were the only FSJ. We talked about FSJ's and the list with a few interested Jeepers. We got lots of compliments on the Jeep, which is always nice.

The access road rehab was a success, which will hopefully keep this trail off the endangered list. We stacked a bunch of rock in the mudpit that had formed on the access road and blocked off the bypass that had formed.

After a much appreciated lunch, which was provided by the event organizers, we ran Slaughterhouse. It's a fun trail with lots of articulation. Going up the the long steep section on the way out, my Jeep vapor locked which contributed to the u joint on my front drive shaft exploding.

After some help getting out out of the way of oncoming trail traffic and letting the enginge cool, we got re-started. I was able to drive out in 2 wheel drive and make it home. It was a good Jeeping day.