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Trail Check List
Ok, here's that checklist. This checklist is mostly designed for our GROUP outings (where every truck is generally the same). I'd put together a far bigger list if you are heading into the hills with a small group (don't four-wheel alone!!) focusing more on having enough to get you back no matter what fails, or to survive overnite if worse comes to worse.

Anyway, here's our group checklist...


[  ] Good brakes
[  ] Properly functioning seatbelts
[  ] Adequate tire tread
[  ] Reliable, properly working 4wd & 4lo (if at all possible)
[  ] No serious motor overheating problems, esp low speed driving
[  ] Sufficient power to climb reasonable inclines above 10k feet
[  ] Suspension in adequate, safe condition
[  ] U-joints ok
[  ] Transfer case in good shape, no chain slip (as applicable)
[  ] Clutch/Auto trans not slipping (if applicable)
[  ] Transmission in ok shape
[  ] No major fluid leaks (coolant, motor oil, AT/tcase/diff juice)
[  ] Absolutely no fuel system leaks including gas cap
[  ] Belts in good condition, no wears, cracks, frays, etc.
[  ] All fluid levels checked and topped off.
[  ] Full tank o' gas
[  ] ALL ITEMS INSIDE SECURED, tied down, etc. This includes anything over say one lb. in weight. If you ever roll, or otherwise run into trouble, you do NOT want ANYTHING flying around in the cab.
[  ] Battery tied down securely with metal hardware.


[  ] Jeep (Full Size, of course, with a few exceptions)
[  ] Day's supply of water for each passenger (don't dehydrate out there!)
[  ] Tow hooks or some kind of towing point front and rear (eg: rear hitch) we will be lenient about this one given that only probably TWO of us have tow hooks, etc right now.
[  ] Fire extinguisher
[  ] First aid kit
[  ] Spare tire, jack, lug wrench.
[  ] Spare motor oil
[  ] Some useful tools and repair equipment *
[  ] Clothing to handle CO's extremes in unpredictable weather: rain, cold, heat.
[  ] Any prescription medicines you take
[  ] A quarter in case you need to make a phone call...

* Useful tools and repair gear include those kinds of things that can be used for many different things their designers never even considered. That way you carry all the tools you need to get you back home compactly.

Included: crowbar, pry bar or long screwdriver, duct tape, bailing wire, jb weld, hacksaw, hammer, files, assorted screwdrivers, assorted pliers, crescent wrench (who needs that fancy Snap-on 1/4" drive set), pipe wrench (doubles as hammer), basic socket set, vehicle repair manuals, plenty of shop rags, WD40, assortment of nuts, bolts, screws, etc., a selection of hose clamps.


[  ] Day's supply of food
[  ] CB - handheld or permanent, and if you have both, bring both so we can make sure everyone on the trail has a radio--it is so much nicer to convoy and 'wheel if everyone's on the air!
[  ] Spare fluids for the truck: ATF, Brake, P/S, QuadraTrac, etc.
[  ] Tow strap
[  ] shovel, pick, machete, sawzall for trail building, etc.
[  ] flashlight & spare batteries
[  ] matches, lighter
[  ] blanket (space blankets are small, cheap, super-effective)
[  ] map of the area you're visiting
[  ] compass
[  ] signal mirror
[  ] tire pressure gauge
[  ] fuses
[  ] set of extra belts (old pantyhose works in a bind)
[  ] set of extra radiator hoses
[  ] Stop leak (or alumaseal, etc)
[  ] Hi-lift jack which doubles as jack and come-along
[  ] Electrical repair kit: wire, electrical tape, crimp conenctors and crimp/strip tool
[  ] Work gloves
[  ] An action packer, set of ammo boxes, or Toby's cargo boxes to store all this crap. Remember, whatever boxes you have should be secured from flying around in the cabin.


[  ] camera
[  ] sunscreen
[  ] binoculars
[  ] cellphone
[  ] toilet paper
[  ] spare door/ignition keys
[  ] gps
[  ] ham radio
[  ] bug repellant
[  ] bungee cords and rope
[  ] engine oil filter
[  ] spare lug nuts
[  ] extra gas (my truck drops from 10-12mpg city to 7mpg offroad in 4lo)
[  ] windshield wiper fluid
[  ] tire compressor
[  ] extra fuel line
[  ] extra vacuum hoses
[  ] ignition parts
[  ] spare u-joints
[  ] spare driveshaft (for gonzo trails)
[  ] fuel filter
[  ] ignition parts
[  ] wheel bearings and seals
[  ] coveralls so you stay clean when you're fixing something
[  ] hand cleaner
[  ] basic road-trip emergency gear (flares, reflectors, tire repair, snow chains, whatever...)
[  ] anything small you've already replaced once